Congratulations! You have decided to enter into the covenant of marriage, and your wedding day should be an incredibly memorable gathering where family and friends witness your commitment before God and celebrate with you this new season of your life. We are thankful that you would like Bayou City to play a role in helping make this day special. Bayou City Pastors regularly officiate weddings for Bayou City members. Bayou City facilities are also available as a wedding venue, depending on the timing and size of your gathering.



Bayou City Fellowship affirms the historically Christian view of marriage as the covenant union between one man and one woman. We provide officiants for couples who understand and affirm this view, are members of Bayou City Fellowship, and have completed the Merge marriage preparation class or comparable biblical marriage preparation counseling sessions with the officiant pastor.

If you completed Bayou City's Merge class, it is not necessary for you to meet with a Bayou City pastor for pre-marital counseling. If you have not completed Merge, some pre-marital counseling sessions will be required and will be arranged by the pastor who officiates the wedding.



The Pastor

The Bayou City Pastor who performs the wedding is called the "officiant". The officiant will sign your marriage certificate.

You are responsible for arranging for the marriage certificate from the county clerk's office in the county in which you reside and for bringing it to the wedding. The pastor will then sign it at the wedding. Bayou City pastors are not wedding coordinators. They will not be involved in helping plan the wedding event, but only in helping you with the aspects of the ceremony that they are helping lead. This generally includes the welcome, exchanging of vows, exchanging of rings, processional, etc. You may choose to have the pastor attend the rehearsal to ensure these aspects go smoothly; however, it is not necessary for the pastor to attend the rehearsal dinner.



Bayou City pastors perform these ceremonies on their personal time, so an honorarium helps compensate for this. The honorarium is traditionally the responsibility of the groom. Bayou City does not reimburse mileage expenses, hotels, or meals for its pastors who perform weddings, so please consider these expenses in addition to any honorarium, particularly if the wedding is out of town or some distance from the pastor's home campus.



If you would like to have your wedding at Bayou City, we have several venues available, depending on the size of the wedding gathering and dates. There is a cost for renting the facilities to cover maintenance, cleaning, set-up/tear-down, and audio-visual needs. All venue rentals must be inline with Bayou City Fellowship beliefs and approved by the appropriate personnel.