Summer Connect Groups are seasonal groups centered around shared interests and hobbies and finding like-minded people we may never have met otherwise. These groups allow our Bayou City family to connect through the summer months when our regular Community Groups are not in session and schedules are varied and unpredictable. They will meet from the first week of June through the last week of July.



Bayou City Community Groups are multigenerational groups of men and women who gather weekly to help one another love and obey Jesus in every area of life. We have groups all around our city that are connected to each of our campuses.

Community Groups exist for followers of Jesus to grow to be more like Him in every area of life through Scripture, prayer, and shared relationships. In order to keep a radical focus on Jesus, we need each other, and Community Groups are essential for us to point one another to Him.


1When do Community Groups begin and end?
Fall Community Groups start in late August and end in November. Spring Community Groups begin in January and end in May.
2Are there Community Groups for ages, life stages, etc.?
We are committed to multi-generational groups that allow people of different life stages and experiences to grow together. Bayou City also has ministries for women, men, young adults, and marriage preparation that meet regularly.
3Can I start a Community Group in my area?
We are always looking for new leaders to start Community Groups in new parts of the city. If you are interesting in leading or hosting a group in your home, please contact you campus Community Groups Pastor using the contact form on this page.
4How should I select a group?
Community Groups are organized according to geography. We would encourage you to find the group that is closest to you. Also, our groups are multi-generational and are intentionally not organized according to life stage. Sometimes the group that is closest does not work with your schedule. In this instance, we would encourage you to find a group that is most optimal for your schedule that allows you to attend a group weekly. The groups tend to look a lot like the neighborhoods in which they meet.