We are part of a collective body, joined together for a common purpose, using our lives to declare the unending greatness of Jesus. Individually, we have limited impact, but as a collective body, we are transformed and Jesus is most glorified. Our Collective Teams are a way for us to come together each week as we serve.


Communion Team

Every few weeks, our Communion Team gathers to serve the elements to our church. This time of communion is an extension of our worship during each of the services.

Host Team

Our Host Team has one goal each make Bayou City Fellowship feel like "home". This is done starting in the parking lot and carried through as people check in their kids, gather around campus, and enter through the doors for worship. There are opportunities at each of the services to welcome people and make them feel connected to the Bayou City Fellowship family.

Parking Team

As the first point of contact each week, our Parking Team helps guide people to the correct parking lot and spot.

Campus Specific Teams

Collective Teams are tailored to the needs of each campus. View the various ways you can serve each campus through the links below.