End It

Human Trafficking: a Class on Ending Modern Day Slavery

Join us as we dive into the fight against the fastest spreading crime in the world: Sex Trafficking. Through a tangible and straight forward “GoBox” toolkit and powerful speakers, you will learn the details of this cultural exploitation and how we can bring about change.

The GoBox is a self-contained toolkit that provides helpful resources and specific guidance to empower you to become a vital part of fighting human trafficking in Houston. The GoBox will equip you with knowledge on human trafficking, empower you to take action, and connect you with organizations where you can make a difference. You will be inspired to fight for the oppressed regardless of your life stage, with a focus on your individual gifts and unique circumstances.

We believe that sex trafficking and sexual exploitation are spiritual issues that the Lord is calling us to fight. Come learn about the Lord’s heart for justice and freedom for the oppressed. We hope you will draw closer to God’s heart by joining the movement to end slavery as a freedom-fighting abolitionist.

Location: 1400 Brittmoore Rd, Houston, TX
When: Every Wednesday in May from 6:30 – 8 PM
Contact: endit@bayoucityfellowship.com


The GoBox was created by our partner, Freedom Church Alliance, and a $20 donation is suggested to cover the cost of materials, which includes class resources, DVD documentary, and other surprises. Materials will be distributed in class and payment can be collected then.


Week 1, May 3rd: Go Learn/Go Pray

We will kick off with an introduction to the GoBox, learn Houston-specific trafficking issues, and reflect on how trafficking is a spiritual battle the Lord has called us to fight.

Week 2, May 10th: Go Fight the Demand

Week two we welcome the founder of Voice for Choice, Beau Abdulla, who will guide us through a discussion on the impacting effects of pornography, how we can fight it as a church, and what this means for us in this battle.

Week 3, May 17th: Go Protect Your Family

Fighting trafficking starts with being intentional in our homes. This week will focus on protecting and empowering our families against trafficking. John Clark, a local energy-executive, whose daughter was trafficked in Houston last April, will share his insight on warning signs.

Week 4, May 24th: Go Take Action

By this week you will be knowledgeable and ready to take action! We will go through the different ways to engage the fight in all life stages and circumstances.

Week 5, May 31st: Go Join the Movement

Jesus proclaims in Luke 4 that He came to bring good news to the poor, declare liberty for the captives, and set the oppressed free. He invites us to join in His glorious mission. We will wrap-up the class by discussing the scope of the abolition movement and our call from God to declare justice over humanity.


Can I bring my kids? Content is PG13. We encourage teenagers and older to attend. Childcare is not provided. 

If I can’t make all the classes, do I still need a GoBox? We recommend the GoBox for everyone, even if you cannot make the all classes. This resource is available to go through on your own. However, we feel like the various speakers and content scheduled will provide powerful insight into these issues. 

What if I just want to pop in for the pornography or protect your family session… is that ok? Absolutely.