We will lift up the name of Jesus above every name and will be passionate worshippers


We will give sacrificially and serve the most vulnerable people in the hardest places


We will start new churches throughout the city to reach new people


When we started Bayou City Fellowship, we had a vision for a church with a singular focus: using our lives to declare the unending greatness of Jesus in this city we love so much. By God’s grace, he is continually bringing more and more people to carry that vision along with us. That’s the best part of Bayou City Fellowship. We are a growing family, now meeting in multiple locations, who spend our days on what matters most - Jesus for the people of the city.

And what we will need to get there:


When we started Bayou City Fellowship, we had a vision for a church with a singular focus: using our lives to declare the unending greatness of Jesus in this city we love so much. By God’s grace, he is continually bringing more and more people to carry that vision along with us. That’s the best part of Bayou City Fellowship. We are a growing family, now meeting in multiple locations who spend our days on what matters most - Jesus for the people of the city. We hope you’ll join us this week.

And what we will need to get there:

New Churches

Across the City


Houston is the fourth largest city in the US and the population is growing faster than any other metro area, according to 2016 Census data. It is also increasingly diverse, and hundreds of new local churches are needed to reach this influential city. Studies show that new churches reach people outside of faith about five times faster than churches of similar size that have been around much longer, so we are committed to being a church planting church, believing the local church is God’s strategy for redeeming and restoring our city.


Over the next two years, we hope to plant two new churches. We hope to plant a church in Tomball from our Cypress campus and to start a church in closer into the city from our Spring Branch campus. Then, in the coming years, we are praying God would allow us to plant churches in these strategic regions of the city from where people already drive to reach one of our existing campuses.


November 20, 2018

Tomball Church

Bayou City Tomball Prayer and worship gatherings in Tomball, Community Groups in Tomball and recently formed launch teams have been meeting regularly for planning and prayer.  Venues are under consideration […]

New Partnerships

with Jesus-centered ministries locally and globally


From our beginning, we decided that we will use our resources for the good of the city and world instead of exhausting them on our own physical and spiritual entertainment. We committed to set aside 20% of our income for outreach and mobilization, most of which is used to provide financial support to partners who are doing great kingdom work. We believe we can be most effective by enabling partners rather than starting our own programs, so we partner with them and provide them with financial support and volunteers to help them grow in their impact for our city and world. These partners represent key areas of need: orphans, trafficking, and refugees.


From 2012 to 2016, Bayou City contributed $2.1 million in direct financial support to partners doing kingdom work in our city and world. As each new Bayou City campus sets aside 20% for outreach, we anticipate that by 2020 we will be contributing $2.1 million each year to fund God's work in these places. We plan to further enhance the processes and staff support to ensure our partners get the maximum benefit from the generosity of our church.

New Leaders

who are making disciples of women, men, kids, and students


We do not make a habit of counting attendees but estimate there are now about 3,000 adults attending Bayou City Fellowship each week. More than 500 children each Sunday are learning about Jesus in our children’s ministry, and we have 1,200 people participating in Community Groups. You can imagine that our most significant challenge with the rapid growth has been identifying and equipping the leaders who can pastor and disciple children, youth, and adults.


We need to raise up leaders and pastors who shepherd Community Groups, lead service teams, teach, and become new campus pastors. To do this, we are launching an effort within Bayou City Fellowship to help identify and train new leaders. Also, the growth in our attendees will require new staff to ensure the Kids, Students, Women’s and Men’s ministries remain vibrant and strong.


November 20, 2018

Equip Leadership Development

Bayou City began a program in the spring 2018 to help train leaders for vocational ministry.  Equip is a two-year program led by Discipleship and Community Groups Pastor, AK Kuruvilla.  […]

New Spaces

where we gather so we can scatter


We have never been very interested in buildings but have come to realize the importance of a permanent home for each Bayou City Fellowship campus so it can fully connect with and serve the local community. We also realize that we cannot plan the location of a new church in a neighboring geography if we do not know the permanent location of the current one.

We believe that at each Bayou City campus, there should be the possibility that attendees can know their local pastor, so we intend to plan facilities that can accommodate up to 2,500 attendees each week. As we reach that capacity, we will begin the work to plant a new church in an adjacent geographic area.

If you have journeyed with us long, you know we are not extravagant people. Rather than build new, we have chosen to purchase existing buildings that reflect the community and repurpose them to accommodate the needs of ministry there. Our goal is to make sure these spaces are used for kingdom purposes every day of the week, so we are planning places that allow our ministry partners to office with us and ensure we are excellent stewards of God’s resources.


In 2013, we launched the Bayou City Cypress campus at the Northwest Forest Conference Center. The congregation grew very quickly, and we were able to purchase the property at a tremendous discount since the existing buildings were of little commercial value. We have made cosmetic changes to maximize the use of the existing buildings; however, the size of the congregation has outgrown the existing worship and children’s capacity, so significant renovations are necessary to accommodate larger worship, children's, and community spaces.

At the Spring Branch campus, we purchased an abandoned office and warehouse property in a central location near I-10 and Sam Houston Tollway. Since this area is transitioning from industrial to retail and new housing, the buildings on the property had limited commercial value, but we will be able to repurpose them. Construction is underway to convert the existing warehouse into a Worship Center. The office buildings are being renovated for children’s space on Sundays and offices for our staff and ministry partners throughout the week.



Spring Branch



November 20, 2018

Spaces Update

Spring Branch Campus The renovation of 1400 Brittmoore is due for completion by the middle of December  The sanctuary will include seating for 700 people and the plan is to […]

We are at an inflection point in the life of our church and believe God is leading us to move boldly and courageously.


We need you to lead and serve, and, like the initial 50 people who started Bayou City Fellowship, we may need you to go. Consider joining a Collective Team or an Outreach Team at your campus. Maybe God is directing you to help in Kids ministry, Men’s ministry, Women’s ministry, or lead a Community Group. Find that place where you can grow and serve at Bayou City.

We also need you to give. We cannot accomplish the vision to bring Jesus to our city and world without all those who consider Bayou City their home church contributing financially to the mission. We need you to give generously, sacrificially, and cheerfully knowing your gift will overflow in thanks and praise to God (2 Cor. 9:12-13). Please consider a recurring gift. Ask Jesus to guide you to make a commitment that allows you to exercise genuine faith and joyful generosity.

Funding the Vision


Weekly Adults


Weekly Kids


Monthly Giving


Monthly Giving Target


Monthly Givers


Monthly Givers Target

We project that funding the vision will require $18 million over two years. This includes both operating and capital expenses. Our income requirement in 2018 is $8.0 million with an operating budget of $6.9m.

For questions or comments, contact Brandon Lackey, Executive Pastor.


November 20, 2018

Budget Update

Through September 2018, Bayou City is slightly behind income plan by about $113k with $5.93m received to date.  Operating expenses are within budget across all campuses.  Cash balances continue to […]