Making Your Faith Your Own

Most of us have probably heard the statistics about the alarming percentage of students who leave the faith and the church when they go to college. I could spend a really long time exploring the many theories and suggestions in detail, which would probably make this more of a book than blog entry. So instead,…

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Empowering Students To Serve

  I’ve spoken a lot recently on investing in the next generation. Part of that responsibility is empowering the next generation to walk in their calling as followers of Jesus and we are determined to do just that. We, as a church, believe in our students. So much that we want them to be an active,…

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5 Practical Tools for Investing In The Next Generation

The current student generation has a potential to change their world like none ever before. They are the largest and wealthiest generation in history. Media, retail, and other areas of our society cater to them. They will make an impact. They will make a difference. They question is what type of impact, what type of…

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