Beautiful Girls Like These

This summer and fall we will be taking teams back to Kenya to visit the girls that now live at Lulu Place! We cannot wait to go back and see the girls again, and continue to build the relationships that were started in February! These teams will be spending time with the girls, house moms, doing projects around the house, and visiting the other ministries that Rift Valley Fellowship partners with. There is also a chance to do some theological training while teams are there with the women and men of the church.

I wanted to give everyone a chance to read a blog post from Lindsee Eddy who attended the visit trip to Kenya with Bayou City Fellowship this past February. Lindsee is a faithful member of Bayou City Fellowship, and serves on the worship team. Here are her words from the Sunday we dedicated Lulu Place!


We visited Rift Valley Fellowship today and celebrated the opening of Lulu Place! What joy! I love watching the Lord do His thing as people pursue their dreams. That will never get old to me.

Lulu Place. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Is this when I admit that we have a lot to learn in America? We think we know how to throw a party, but I submit that we have yet to scratch the surface of celebrating others. Don’t get me wrong, I love our traditions, but Rift Valley Fellowship take seriously “rejoice with those who rejoice”.

After getting out of the van, they carried each girl on their shoulders. Priceless.



Each girl and her mother being introduced at church.

Rose and Laura praying over the girls, dedicating both them and Lulu Place to the Lord.

The girls seeing their new home for the first time.


Feeding the 500 after church.


Today the six Lulu girls were given dignity. And love. And security. And a celebration fit for queen, as Debra so eloquently put it. We all met on the lot of Lulu Place (imagine just a small group of 500), set up tents, prayed, sang songs, and then as the girls pulled into the driveway, each of the women of the church ran to greet them singing a beautiful song in Kikuyu, a tribal language. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. Because our reason for coming was to dedicate and commission Lulu Place, it is safe to say the eight of us, while videoing and photographing, we’re crying big tears of joy. We later joked that it was the only reason for our sunglasses, to keep from looking like absolute fools. The extreme of seeing their situations yesterday, and their future today was simply overwhelming. It was fitting that the celebration lasted five hours.



We weren’t just celebrating the girls, we were ultimately celebrating the Lord, His faithfulness and provision. And His glory.

Praying over the home before the girls came.

Today I asked Esther what words the women were singing in their song, it went like this,“Beautiful girls like these, where have you ever seen them? God is good; He has allowed us to see them.” Heaven help us, I could cry just typing out those words again. After she told me the words in English, she then proceeded to tell me that this is the song they sing as brides are coming to meet their groom. Sobs. I don’t know a more appropriate song to welcome these girls to their new home.

This is Esther. We love her.


“Beautiful girls like these, where have you ever seen them? God is good; He has allowed us to see them.”

Beautiful girls they are. God is so good. He has never let them out of His sight, and He gave Esther the privilege of seeing them, too. A stunning love story. My prayer for all of us is that the Lord would give each of us the privilege of seeing someone as well.

Give us eyes to see and a heart to love your people, Jesus.

P.S. Here is a video we made!

My Movie from Debra Parker on Vimeo.

If you are interested in learning more about the summer and fall trips to Kenya please contact Laura Fedorko at [email protected]