Facilities Director

Job Title: Facilities Director

Campus or Global: Global

Ministry: Property

Travel Required: 0%

Reporting To: Director of Business

Position Type: Full Time


This is a global role managing and directing all facility plans, improvements and maintenance issues across all Bayou City owned and leased facilities. The role includes managing paid and volunteer staff, budgets, occupancy requirements, construction plans and projects.


● Work with elders and senior staff to plan facility needs and improvements
● Engage architects, contractors and engineering firms as required to execute construction plans
● Oversee remodels and repairs working with preferred vendors
● Manage housekeeping, property coordinator, other part time staff, and volunteers
● Coordinate contractors to retain bids, oversee work, and release invoices for payment
● Build and maintain list of preferred vendors
● Develop and maintain schedule of maintenance for property
● Understand building codes and help ensure occupancy
● Develop and maintain property files for warranties, special items, architect drawing, utilities, etc
● Oversee facility security and safety issues
● Prepare and manage all property budgets


● Love for Jesus, his word and his people
● Bachelor's degree and/or 6+ years experience in facilities management
● Organizational competence, proven through experience
● Leadership skills and traits that are exercised in love and humility
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
● Problem solving and resourcefulness
● Evidence of logistical, administrative and project-oriented effectiveness
● Requires comprehensive knowledge of federal, state, and local standards and codes, and regulatory requirements
● Excellent computer skills (web, documents, spreadsheets, presentations)

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