Overwhelming Grace – Recovering from Hurricane Harvey

Jason and Aimee Norris were one of thousands of families across the Texas Gulf Coast who lost their belongings and the safety of their home to Hurricane Harvey. This is their story of hope beyond devastation.

“When people from the church showed up and they took that burden, God gave me peace…and it was through other people’s hands. They were the hand of God.” -Jason Norris

“We hear a lot that he works all things together for those who love the Lord and we believe that he works good in the hard times and the tragedy. Sometimes the good that’s going to come out of a situation is seeing Christ’s love move through a community. Our hope is that people can see that even in hard times we have a God who we can lean on and we can trust…not that life would be perfect or that our stuff would be ok but that we would be ok and we would recover because he is working that in us.” – Aimee Norris