++Summer Bible Studies for Women.

His Story, Our Response: A Biblical perspective on global engagement *

Study God’s plan for the world, the spread of the gospel and how you fit into it all.

April 24-May 22 on Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Located off Memorial between Eldridge and Dairy Ashford

Led by Amy Warfield who, for the past decade, has devoted her career to nursing and has spent that last 7 years at MD Anderson as an Oncology nurse.  Since college, the Lord has slowly developed in her a passion for seeing the lost come to Christ among the nations.  She is currently in the process of preparing herself to move long-term to the UK to work among 2nd generation Muslim refugees.  And most importantly, coffee is her love language and it is guaranteed to flow freely at this Bible Study. Contact amyswarfield@yahoo.com for address.

This study is open to men and women.


No Other Gods: Confronting Our Modern Day Idols by Kelly Minter

Explore what happens when good desires become false gods, robbing us of an intimate relationship with our heavenly father.

May 13-July 1 on Sundays from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Located south of I-10 and west of Grand Parkway in Katy

Led by Emily Strech who has had the honor and privilege to be a part of Bayou City Fellowship from the beginning and has a heart to see the Holy Spirit move in power today just like He did in the Scriptures.  She was a teacher at Yellowstone Academy until they had their first child.  Since then, she has been able to stay at home raising their three children.  She loves the Word, she loves people, and she loves good food.  So, let’s put those together. Contact lesandemily@hotmail.com for address.


Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy by Kelly Minter

If you’ve ever felt devastated, struggled as a stranger, longed to be loved, or wept along the way, you’ll find a loyal sister in Ruth.

May 17; June 17-July 22 on Sundays from 5:00pm-6:30pm

Located north of I-10 between Bunker Hill Rd. and Blalock

Led by Erin Woods, a native Houstonian and has only lived elsewhere during her years at Texas A&M University. The promise of possibility makes her heart beat a little faster, as she loves to dream of what could be. However, she believes that dreaming with a team of people is far better than dreaming alone. She will tell you that injustice breaks her heart, music stirs her heart, and laughing so hard that there is no more sound blesses her heart. If you would like to read more about what Erin is learning, you can find her at http://truthsofbecoming.blogspot.com. Contact erinr.woods@gmail.com for address.


Rooted by Rachelle Oneacre

Join us as we discover how God teaches us all how to be firmly ROOTED in Him!

May 20-July 15 on Sundays from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Located north of Hwy 290 in Cypress

Led by Rachelle Oneacre who is radically in love with Jesus. She is a passionate follower of Christ and loves to encourage & equip women of all ages in the Word. At a young age God placed discipling women on Rachelle’s heart. She’s taught Bible studies at several area churches as well as through PiNK Ministries. Rachelle is married to her high school sweetheart, Justin. Contact rachelle.oneacre@yahoo.com for address.


For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn

Putting how you relate to your husband under the searchlight of God’s Word.

July 23-August 27 on Mondays from 7:00pm-9:00pm

Located north of Hwy 290 in Cypress

Led by Crista Merrell, women’s pastor at BCF and reckless lover of the Heart and Word of God. Besides her marriage and her children, Crista’s passion is helping ladies identify and chase after God’s calling in their lives. She has been married to Brian for 13 years and has 5 children. She also has a teaching degree and a master’s in counseling. Crista has worked in women’s ministries for 10 years. Contact crista@bayoucityfellowship.com for address.