Holy Week – Thursday

Thanks for joining us as we journey together through this very special week. This simple guide and questions will be a help in getting the most out of what you read today.

Today’s Reading: Mark 14:1-72

Identify: Taking in what the passage says.

+Write down the first 7 questions that come to your mind as you read this passage.

+List the separate events of Mark 14.

+How many disciples did Jesus send to prepare the Passover?

+What weapons did the mob bring to arrest Jesus?


Understand: Discovering what the passage means.

+Which was worse: Peter’s denial or Judas’ betrayal? Why?

+What do you learn about Jesus from this passage?


Apply: Aligning our lives with what this passage says and means.

+What is the primary lesson you can learn from Peter’s mistakes?

+What cup are you asking God to let pass from you right now?

+How is God using this season of Holy Week in your life?