Holy Week – Monday

Thanks for joining us as we journey together through this very special week. This simple guide and questions will be a help in getting the most out of what you read today.

Today’s Reading: Mark 11:1-25

Identify: Taking in what the passage says.

+Write down at least 10 questions you have about today’s reading

+Summarize what you’ve read in just one sentence.

Understand: Discovering what the passage means.

+What connections do you see between the story of the fig tree and Jesus’ cleansing of the temple?

+What does this passage tell you about Jesus?

Apply: Aligning our lives with what this passage says and means.

+If Jesus could come and “turn over” something in your life, what do you think it would be?

+What kind of fruit would you like to bear today?

+What will be the obstacles to that happening?