Young Adults Cypress

The Young Adults of Bayou City Fellowship seek to be known as an authentic group of individuals who are devoted to growing in our relationship with Jesus, breaking bread in fellowship with each other, and serving the community wherever needed. If you have any questions, you can contact Chris Poppe at [email protected].

What we want to be known for:

  • Our Trustworthiness. Known to be faithful through exhibiting Christ-like characteristics.
  • Our Willingness. Willing to pray, to serve and follow God’s calling wherever He leads us.
  • Our Warmth. Genuine and welcoming in every interaction we have.


  • The young adults are a group of people at Bayou City Fellowship that the church can rely on. That we would consistently be willing, and able to serve the church and community wherever there is a need.
  • These events and serving opportunities provide a way for deeper community to occur through getting connected with community groups, and the friendships that are formed.
  • Visitors, as well as new members, would feel welcome and a sense of warmth immediately upon checking out or attending Bayou City Fellowship on a regular basis.


  • Community Groups will start the week of February 5th….our Young Adults Community Group is meeting on Thursday nights at Cypress Campus in the Forest Room at 7pm. Our first gathering will be February 9th.

Community Group

(Spring Semester resumes the week of Feb 5, 2017)

Cypress campus has made a space for young adults who desire to be part of a Community Group that is designed for “Young Adults.” This group meets on Thursdays at Northwest Forest at 7pm. If you have any questions about this group, please contact Chris Poppe at [email protected]. To get involved or learn more information about all of our Community Groups, please visit the Community Group page.


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