July 10-August 7

Everyone knows what it is to endure loneliness, heartache, unrepentance, depression, oppression, addictions and hardship. And if we have not already lived difficulty, we live dreading that we might.

What if the key to joy and trusting God to fill and guide us was not doggedly running through life exhausted, filled with turmoil, facing defeat after defeat waiting for things to get better? What if peace lay not just in promises we are given for our future but in God’s redeeming power over the stories of our past?

Join the women of Bayou City Fellowship in small study groups to uncover the faithfulness of God each week in a powerful braiding of three strands of God’s historical faithfulness: a strand from Psalm 107, a strand from the Old Testament and a strand from the New Testament. Finally, explore together that same faithfulness in our own stories to provide encouragement and hope for one another and to build faith for the days to come.

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