Encountering Jesus in Scripture & An Invitation

One of my favorite ice breaker questions to ask is: “If you could meet and spend one day with anyone (famous or not) who would it be?” I love people’s answers because there is something about hearing who they look up to that inspires me. These are usually people they have only heard of, but in this ice breaker game they will actually get to meet that person. And sometimes you get the woman who discloses the back story of the person she chooses. Those are my favorite answers because they have a way of making him or her sound so attractive and interesting that I find myself wanting to also meet that person. There is a woman in Scripture who also had only heard of someone she longed to meet until she found herself in a position that, if she was brave enough, she could actually encounter Him. Her story is no icebreaker game but the beginning of a life transformed by Christ Himself.

More than 2000 years ago a pale, isolated women finds herself in the packed market square of Galilee. She has only heard of the man named Jesus, some called him the Messiah and Rabbi, but on that day she gets a chance to encounter Him. For her He was potentially the last resort and hope to her own healing. She has suffered a constant blood issue for twelve years and no one could help her. When this Jesus whom she has only heard of passes by it becomes her moment of choosing faith over fear and deliberately deciding to find her place in his presence by touching the fringe of His robe. Her determination and desperate act of faith enables her to stand in front of Jesus not only as a woman needing healing but as a daughter receiving the Truth from Him.

This story recorded in Luke 8:40-53 is beautiful in many ways. A women’s desperation and deliberate action gave her a place in Jesus’ presence, a place where she could know Him for herself and a place where He called her Daughter. So often I find myself in such a place where I want to know Jesus more. For myself. Not only through stories of someone else, but through my own encounters in Scripture. I wonder who of you might be craving the same personal encounters with Jesus? How often have we all looked at the Word of God and wished we could know it more? Today, 2000 years later Jesus still invites us to come and touch the “fringe of His robe”. He is the Word of God that became flesh. He is our Messiah and Redeemer and the One always pointing us to the Father. The Word of God is still alive and active in our lives (Hebrews 4:12), It is the lamp to guide our feet and the light to our path (Psalm 119:105) and where His Word goes out it has the ability to bring forth healing and transformation (Psalm 107:20). All it takes is a deliberate action of pushing through our busyness and distractions to get to Him. We want to be know as women who has a deep love for the Word and allows it to be the highest authority and standard in our lives. And this semester we get to do it through various studies offered within community.

To launch our Spring Bible studies we want to invite you to our Night of Prayer and exploring our place in the Story of the Bible on February 29. Even if you are unable to attend a study this spring, we invite you to join us for this night of fellowship and prayer!

During the evening, we will hear from Cody Andras about the overarching story of Scripture. The Lord has recorded His Word for us that we might know all that He has done to invite us into a personal relationship with Him—to usher us into His presence. The Bible is not a disjointed collection of inspirational stories but a cohesive of story of our Great God and His great love for us. It is the story of a Creator and His creation, of a Savior seeking the lost, of a Healer walking among the sick, of a King coming in glory. Of a Father whispering the name of His daughter. Crista Merrell will also share some of her personal encounters with Scripture and how the Word continues to transform her life.

Gather with us as daughters in the presence of our Father. We will seek Him in His Word, and we will close our evening with a time of prayer, asking the Lord to meet us on the pages of His Scriptures—not just this one evening but all the days of our lives—that we might ever know and love Him more.

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to Join us on Monday, February 29 @ 7 to 9pm sign up below or contact [email protected] with any questions.

Written by Corlischa Badenhorst, Women’s Pastor, Bayou City Fellowship, Spring Branch