God Was The Only Answer

B efore entering into a committed relationship with God, I was lost in alcohol and drug abuse. I walked into a recovery program on Monday, April the 11th of 2016 beat down, extremely depressed and with no hope. The very next Sunday, I entered into the doors of BCF.

I knew God was the only answer.

I immediately asked how I could serve as I knew I could not just sit on the out skirts of the church. I needed to be in the “middle” of serving God. All I had to do was simply move out of the way and let Him work through me. Through the discipleship at BCF, the loving and welcoming arms of the congregation and for the first time in my life letting God take the lead, I am free of my bondage. HE has poured his grace into me beyond my wildest imagination.

God (in His timing) is leading me to disciple others that suffer with addiction issues. I know I am called to serve the church and his people. In what capacity, I am uncertain. God will show me as long as I let Him.